The awnings with struts are made of aluminum or iron and are used on balconies in yards penthouse and elsewhere. Starting from the base of the installation of the awning and touch the railing of our balcony. They provide very good protection against the sun and rain and have high strength in the air.

The choice, fitting them play a very important role because they determine the outcome and the life of the awning. Tent with truss as awnings that we see in most balconies. The trusses are essentially awning where up and down. The first solution of most of our customers for placing their tent, and the most economical will complement us. The recommend unconditionally for penthouses and courtyards. Besides the classical galvanized pipes, you have other options such as white truss, the truss aluminum tube or painted with electrostatic paint. The choice of aluminum or galvanized pipe will depend on the canopy size for reasons of strength.

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